Leap and a net will appear

FullSizeRenderWe may be crazy people.

We love our house and the neighborhood we live in. We have a 13-month-old and are 3.5 months pregnant with our second child. We both have established gigs in the area and plan to stay here.

And last week we listed our house.

Why? Because we may be crazy people.

But the market is also hot. Smoking hot. The house down the street from us sold in eight days.

We wrestled with the decision of whether or not to list ours for a week.

Will we find a place we like better? Do we really want to pack everything up and move it? All the pieces of silverware, and stacks of books, and pots and pans, and sheets, and old towels speckled with paint from being used as paint drop cloths that we’ve held onto for who-knows-what reason, and all the little matchbox cars, and blocks, and bulky plastic miniature-sized kitchens and workbenches with all of their pots and pans and hammers and screwdrivers.

Do we want to put ourselves through the showing process? All of the cleaning and packing up the dog and the baby and occupying them for over an hour at a time.

We weighed pros and cons and ran numbers and talked through the same questions in circles all the while prepping the house in case we did decide to list. One afternoon in the midst of this merry-go-round of a decision I was on a run to the store to look for a desk chair to replace the pink-striped paint-stained one I use (I swear not everything we own is paint-splattered). I didn’t find a chair but when I got in the car to go home there was a bumper sticker on the vehicle next to me.

“Leap and a net will appear.”

I called Levi and told him I think we should list it.

He asked if I could present further reasoning beyond something I saw on the fender of a Kia Soul.

I recapped everything we had talked about the past week:

  1. If we can sell it for the price we want it will be a good move.
  2. We’ll put a limit on how long we’ll keep it on the market and if we receive an offer we like in that amount of time, great. If we don’t, we’ll pull it and continue to love where we are.
  3. How do we know if we don’t try?

So despite not knowing where we’re going if our house does sell, and although it has been a challenging first few days of prep and showings, we’re trusting that it will all work out how it is supposed to. A net will appear.

After all, it’s not the walls that define a home but the love shared within them.

Crazy lady, out.

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