Foundations for 30

I’m a power yoga junkie through-and-through. Give me all the vinyasas.

Even when I’m tired, sick, or not feeling it, I push myself to go to a power class.

After a long week, I just needed to GO to a class this evening. Any class.

Just get in there. Get on the mat. MOVE. Re-center.

I didn’t want to wait for the power class, so I went to an earlier foundations class. @yogaloungehudson champions making every class your own practice, so I told myself I could modify up if I wanted.

It was slower. And I didn’t get the cardio I typically do from a power class. BUT I finally, FINALLY got crow pose.

And I credit that small achievement in my practice to attending the foundations class and having it broken down step-by-step by the instructor.

I set my intention for this class for peace and patience. I ended my intention for this class for peace, patience, and trust.

On the eve of my 30th, I can’t think of a more fitting mentality to end my twenties.

Be at peace with where you have been. Have patience with where you are at. Trust where you are going.

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