The sun will rise again

Anyone else’s kiddos go full bore when both parents are home? Memorial Day weekend was a recipe for exhaustion with both of us home with the kids for three days. Throw in a gardening project, a birthday party, and lots of playing outside and we’ve got some tired toddlers on our hands.

In the midst of the meltdowns I’m reminding myself to soak in these joyful moments like we do the sun.

May we drink in the light and use it to fuel us through the darkness. May we remember all darkness is temporary. May we find comfort in knowing the sun will always rise again.

The tears won’t last forever but the memories made in between will. Hang on, parents of the tiny humans. Don’t stress if they sob. Scoop ‘em up, squeeze ‘em tight, and remember, sunshine isn’t far away.

Foundations for 30

I’m a power yoga junkie through-and-through. Give me all the vinyasas.

Even when I’m tired, sick, or not feeling it, I push myself to go to a power class.

After a long week, I just needed to GO to a class this evening. Any class.

Just get in there. Get on the mat. MOVE. Re-center.

I didn’t want to wait for the power class, so I went to an earlier foundations class. @yogaloungehudson champions making every class your own practice, so I told myself I could modify up if I wanted.

It was slower. And I didn’t get the cardio I typically do from a power class. BUT I finally, FINALLY got crow pose.

And I credit that small achievement in my practice to attending the foundations class and having it broken down step-by-step by the instructor.

I set my intention for this class for peace and patience. I ended my intention for this class for peace, patience, and trust.

On the eve of my 30th, I can’t think of a more fitting mentality to end my twenties.

Be at peace with where you have been. Have patience with where you are at. Trust where you are going.